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Military Locator and Reunion Service

Premier Reunion Services, LLC

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We are and intend to remain the premier military reunion planners in the United States. We've been managing successful reunions since 1987, thanks to the veterans who served our country and our dedicated office and travel staff.

Web Site Purpose

The primary purpose of this web site is to provide information about the reunion groups we currently manage, to those of you who have been on your group's mailing list for years, those who have just been located, and to those who are looking for a particular group If you have never worked with a professional reunion management company, you may be wondering if you have the "kind" of group we work with. Let me assure you, you do! We work with:

  • Reunion groups looking for an alternative to the "select a city, then the group member who lives the closest to that city is hereby volunteered to be in charge" method of reunion management
  • Formal and informal associations and organizations
  • Those groups who want no association, just the opportunity to get together
  • Individuals wishing to organize a reunion for the first time
  • What We Do

      Reunion Notices

    • We submit reunion notices to all of the major veterans publications, popular veteran web sites, and to newspapers nationwide. This is one of the ways we use to locate additional members of your group.
    • Hotel/Vendor Negotiations

    • We negotiate all hotel, tour, meal and entertainment contracts, pay the deposits and after it is all over, we pay the bills.
    • Registration Paperwork

    • We compile everything into an easy-to-read registration packet. These packets detail all reunion activities, including an itinerary, and a registration form to be used by the attendees to chose their reunion option, and other pertinent information.
    • OnSite Manager

    • At least one rep from Premier Reunions attends and manages every reunion, handling registration, insuring all reunion functions take place when, where and how they should, and serves as a liaison between the group and the service providers.
    • We Also:

    • Maintain and stock your hospitality room
    • Maintain your groups database
    • Maintain a group web page to provide up to date info to your members
    • Can provide a quarterly newsletter
    • Work with multiple reunion groups, so hotels like our repeat business, which gives us negotiating power
    • Have a great customer service department to help your group members with any questions they may have