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ASA Okinawa

Upcoming Plans

The next reunion is planned for September 23-27, 2015 in Kissimmee, FL The 2016 reunion will be held in Buffalo, NY.

Check out this group picture from the 2013 reunion! click here

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There is very important information about receving future mailings by email vs paper copies in the July 2013 issue of the newsletter. Please read it carefully!

2015 Registration Packet

You can now download the registration packet for the upcoming reunion.  click here  You will need to download, fill out the form (the last two pages) and then print the packet, and either mail, phone or fax in your registration.  Please do not email a copy of the form that contains your credit card information!  That is not a secure way to send your data.

2015 Association Membership Application

You can download and print the association membership application using this link click here.  You must print the paperwork and mail it to the treasurer, Duane Sands.

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Intro Letter

If you are new to the reunion group, this letter is a great place to start, to get background information on the reunion group, and your part in it! Click Here

Where Next

Be sure to check out the Where Next link on the left of this page.  It will take you to a great place to access information on a variety of locations that are interested in hosting your next reunion.  After visiting this site, you can go to your next reunion prepared to nominate a great location for an upcoming year!

On Line Questionnaire

Use this link to submit your information so we can add you to the mailing list, and include your profile in the Members Profiles below! Click here

Member's Profiles

Find out what your buddies have been up to since they left ASA Okinawa.  Click here

Attendees list

2014 Attendees as of 9/3/2014
ID Last Name First Name Spouse/Guest Years From Years To
41 Callery James
1953 1955
40 Gurreri Charles (Chuck)
1956-06 1958-07
38 Eckard Larry Brenda Eckard 1957-07 1960-07
37 Kendzierski Jane Linda Bonkowski

36 Phillips William Patricia Phillips 1958 1959
35 Davis Tracy Carol Davis 1957-04 1959-08
33 Domanski Edward Sons - Edward B, Tim & Stephen 1955 1957
32 Collum Michael Rene Collum 1963 1965
31 Cooper Gene
1974 1976
30 Sands Duane Lou Anne Sands 1967-06 1969-01
29 Duenow Gary Linda "Rusty" Duenow 1962 1963
27 Stanley John Carol Stanley 1963-03 1965-09
26 Hardesty Gerald Ann Hardesty 1957 1959
24 Hoover Charles Nancy Hoover 1952 1954
23 Luke Johnnie
1957-11 1959-04
22 Mish Theodore Rea Murray 1958 1960
20 Davenport Billy (Tex)
1956-07 1959--03
19 Quigley Louis Lovaughn Quigley 1955 1957
18 Tranchina Michael Robin Tranchina 1971 1973
17 Sevits Tom Judy Sevits 1957 1959
16 Sanborn John (Jack) Diane Sanborn 1970 1973
15 Norrbom James Sharon Norrbom 1957 1959
14 Lee Ross Sue Lee 1957-12 1959-12
13 Alexander Joe Peggy Alexander 1962 1965
12 Carr Daniel Margaret Carr 1958 1959
10 Dillon Jere Carol Dillon 1958 1960
9 Duffau Paul Sara E Duffau 1957 1959
8 Merritt David
1955-57 1960-63
7 Powell Herbert
1955 1958
6 Roscher William (Bill) JoAnn Roscher 1949 1952
5 Miller David Kathleen Miller 1963 1965
4 Johnson Eddie Kathy Johnson 1954 1957
3 Rainey Granville Judy Rainey 1954 1956
2 Clemons Gerald Rick Clemons 1960 1963

Email Roster

This is a list of email addresses for those folks who wanted their addresses to be posted. Click here


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