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Upcoming Plans

The next reunion is planned for October 8- 11 2015 in Reno, NV!  
(Please note, these are new dates.  The original dates of 10/5-10/8 have been changed to the traditional Thursday-Sunday days.)

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2015 Registration Packet

You can now download the registration packet for the 2015 reunion.  click here  You will need to download, then fill out the registration form and print the packet on your own printer.  Then you can mail, fax, or phone in your reservation.  You cannot register on line. 

Recent Reunion Recaps

Challenge Coins

Exciting new addition! Find out all about the new Challenge Coins here! Don't be caught without yours! You can order coins for yourself and your family members using this order form!   Click here

Please note: Photos on the order form are the front and back side of the same coin.

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Intro Letter

If you are new to the reunion group, this letter is a great place to start, to get background information on the reunion group, and your part in it! Click Here

Where Next

Be sure to check out the Where Next link on the left of this page.  It will take you to a great place to access information on a variety of locations that are interested in hosting your next reunion.  After visiting this site, you can go to your next reunion prepared to nominate a great location for an upcoming year!

On Line Questionnaire

Use this link to submit your information so we can add you to the mailing list, and include your profile in the Members Profiles below! Click here

Member's Profiles

Find out what your buddies have been up to since they left USS BRYCE CANYON.  Click here

Attendees list

2015 Attendees as of 9/11/2015
ID Date Entered Last Name First Name Spouse/Guest
21 9/11/2015 Neill Matt Lillian Adams
20 9/11/2015 Matteson Robert Nancy Matteson
19 9/9/2015 Hardenbrook Ronald
18 9/9/2015 Erickson James Sue Erickson
17 9/9/2015 Ingram Richard Malle Sibul
16 9/4/2015 Moran Domingo
15 9/1/2015 Bayless Jan
14 9/1/2015 Franzen Pat
13 8/28/2015 Bonanno Jack Kae Orcutt
12 8/31/2015 Zwetsloot Hank Yoka Zwetsloot
11 8/31/2015 Sudweeks Ken Jan Sudweeks
10 8/24/2015 Williams Stanley Zosima Williams
9 8/21/2015 Shaw, Jr Thomas Freda Shaw
8 8/20/2015 Heppler Harry Peggy Heppler
7 8/20/2015 Mertes Hubert Roseann Mertes
6 8/18/2015 Silvernail Richard Jan Silvernail
5 8/17/2015 Hendricks Roy Linda Hendricks
4 8/3/2015 Williams Robert Lynn Williams
3 7/24/2015 Kruszka Gregory
2 8/10/2015 Nesbit Michael Mitsy Nesbit
1 8/14/2015 Campbell Bruce Susan Campbell

Association Web Site

This link will take you to the association's web site. It will take you away from the MLRS reunion group web site. Click here

This link will take bring up a copy of the association's membership dues flyer.  You can use this form when submitting your annual dues.  click here

Ship's History and Captain's History by Bruce Campbell

Ship's History - click here

Captains's History - click here


You may find these links useful! (provided by Bruce Campbell)

click here for a great page of Bryce Canyon related web sites!

This link will you to a great site for contacting other crewmembers. It will take you away from the MLRS reunion group web site. Click here

Music Video

This is a link to a music video filmed at Bryce Canyon National Park. I thought you might enjoy seeing some footage of the ship's namesake. I don't know how long things like this stay active, so if you notice this link does not work , please let me know!


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