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Upcoming Plans

The next reunion is planned for Sept 29 - Oct 2, 2016 in Chicago, IL

2016 Registration Packet

You can now download the registration packet from here.  click here  You will need to download and print the form, you cannot register on line.

2017 Dues Payment Form

The USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN Association fiscal year runs from 1 October through 30 September.

To make your annual dues payment, include $20.00 with this form and return it to the Treasurer. The Association will have your membership card available for you at the reunion. If you cannot attend the reunion, your card will be mailed to you. Dues payment must be by check or money order made out to “USS Lake Champlain Association.”

Intro Letter

If you are new to the reunion group, this letter is a great place to start, to get background information on the reunion group, and your part in it! Click Here

Where Next

Be sure to check out the Where Next link on the left of this page.  It will take you to a great place to access information on a variety of locations that are interested in hosting your next reunion.  After visiting this site, you can go to your next reunion prepared to nominate a great location for an upcoming year!

On Line Questionnaire

Use this link to submit your information so we can add you to the mailing list, and include your profile in the Members Profiles below! Click here

Member's Profiles

Find out what your buddies have been up to since they left USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN  Click here

2015 Attendees

2015 attendees as of 10/21/2015
ID Last Name First Name Spouse/Guest Rate Years From Years To
33 Maiellaro Robert Geneva Maiellaro LT 1960 1964
32 Cangiamila Vincent Don Lewis AO3 1951 1954
31 Abbott Allan
YN3 1960 1962
29 Walbrek Frederick Sally Walbrek

28 Stoffel Joseph Carolyn Stoffel FP1 1954-08 1957-11
27 Van Metre James
AT2 1960 1961
26 Dubrule Charles Jeanne Dubrule E-3 1963-05 1964-12
25 Nosek Ronald Marge Nosek AMS3 1960 1961
24 Roberts Wesley Marilyn Roberts DC3 1952 1954
23 Oliver Vernon Ruth Ann Oliver ADJ3 1964 1965
22 Cote Raymond June Cote E-3 1962 1964
21 Brown James Patricia Brown YN3 1962 1966
20 Ike Clarence Marilyn Ike FP3 1956 1957
19 Layton Anthony (Tony) Florence Layton MRFN 1963 1965
18 Merzon David Judy Merzon LI2 1954 1957
17 Maas Albert Adrianne Maas DC3 1956-05 1957-11
16 Young Charles Cathy Bowles RMSN 1958 1959
15 Sauerwein Jerry Kathy Underwood FTG2 1962 1965
14 Ott Donald Nicki Ott ADR 1962 1963
13 Walkup Phillip Ginny Turner (Walkup) MR3 1962 1964
12 Clare Leige Georgina Clare E-5 1954-08 1957-11
11 Shay, Jr Joseph Stacey Evans SN 1962-06 1964-03
10 Carroll Eugene
SN 1953 1954
9 Hammes James Dawn Hammes E-3 1962 1965
8 Rees Francis (Ralph) Zelly Rees SFM2 1961-10 1965-02
7 Antonacci Louis Arlene Antonacci Lt 1963-07 1965-06
6 Farrow John Frannie Santilli AE3 1953 1955
5 Lyons James Peggy Lyons SN 1964 1966
4 Nelson Gary Kay Nelson PR2 1960 1961
3 La Bruyere Ronald Marianne La Bruyere V-3 1963 1965
2 Klump Remy Sandra Klump SFP2 1960 1962

Email Roster

This is a list of email addresses for those folks who wanted their addresses to be posted. Click here

Association Web Site

This link will take you to the USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN Association web site! Click here

This link will you to a great site for contacting other crewmembers. It will take you away from the MLRS reunion group web site. Click here